Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Finding solutions to everyday challenges our global clients face is key to gaining their trust while providing practical solutions that are adaptable and implementable.  By consistently delivering on our core strategic knowledge areas, our clients know they are gaining a team of experts that become an extension of their organization helping them navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Our suite of consulting services focus on the depth and bench strength of our principals.  Having served in various capacities at the executive, senior and mid-management levels throughout their various career portfolios, they have spent time not only in the trenches but understand your key business drivers are important to the success of your business portfolio.  By concentrating on the need to maintain business focus and building sustainable approaches to core areas of concern, the team never overlooks the importance of tying everything back through the company’s core strategic philosophy and direction.

We are dedicated to building sustainable value, maintaining collaborative environments and inclusive engagements while developing solutions that are practical and beneficial to continually build upon your corporate values and reputation whilst enhancing your bottom-line. 

Focused on core areas for your business including CSR Strategy Development, Stakeholder Engagement and Management, Risk Management, Community Development and Social Investment, Human Rights and Security, Local Content, Education and Training, Biodiversity and Environment as part of the business and operational strategy for companies operating locally and internationally. Our team of experts strive to deliver visionary solutions to your growing needs, issues, concerns while keeping activities aligned with your impacts and risk management portfolio.

Core focus area and consideration for any corporate business strategy, identifying, prioritizing, and engaging your stakeholders are essential for successful interactions and, ultimately, achieving effective business results. In today’s global environments, understanding, assessing and managing stakeholders can seem overwhelming at times; however, building effective targeted strategies aligned with your business practices and operational strategies can alleviate tension, confusion and frustration.

Our team has extensive experience in Stakeholder Engagement & Management principles and strategic evaluation and implementation around the world. Whether your organization is just getting started, unsure of where to begin, or your existing strategy requires new focus and consideration, our team is ready to assist you and your team.

Engaging communities and finding the right programs and projects to invest in can be challenging and confusing. Following principles of risk management, defining and assessing risks and your impacts at the community level includes a comprehensive social risk assessment. In doing so, you and your team can quickly see where your operational impacts are from a social and community aspect.

Then defining, along with your local stakeholders, a comprehensive plan and strategy to address these needs makes for better investment and better relationships within the communities overall. Our team of experts has spent many years developing strategic plans for and with communities, including managing social investment portfolios. We understand getting this right means less tension and frustration and more productive business operations. Not to mention, a better, more collaborative working environment with communities and your key stakeholders – no matter where in the world you operate.

Risk management is an essential business strategy. Understanding your opportunities and risks and integrating risk management into your business processes is a necessary in today’s complex global environments. Our teams of experts are skilled in environmental, health, safety, security, social, human rights, and political risk assessments. We can assist you and your team in identifying, integrating, managing these risks to your operations, including measuring and reporting your risk performance. Contact us for more inclusive discussion regarding your unique portfolio and challenges.

The many complexities of working globally for multinational corporations may not be rooted in technology, operational strategies or even the acquisition of talent. It lies within the complexities of human behavior and cultures that collide spilling over into the organizational culture or business environment. Giving your global managers and your employees the opportunity to build upon their skill sets with overlay of cultural management and preparedness could be the difference between success, mediocre results or failure of your global operations. Building understanding, collaborative environments and mutual respect needs to be thought provoking, engaging and deliberate. Our team has two decades of experience in cultural management strategies in unique and foreign regions of the world. We are ready to engage you and your teams helping you quickly assess needs, develop skills, and implement effective strategies that are practical and get results.

Successful global organizations have quality talent they employ – and people are the single sustainable source of competitive advantage. With the war on talent in full swing, especially in the energy sector, the links between business performance and good people management are apparent.  Creating inclusive, diverse working environments that promote teaming, knowledge sharing and sound expectations for performance can be more challenging today than ever before. Our team is ready to assist you in developing your first diversity strategy, energizing your current strategy or simply adding to your already unique business portfolio.

Our portfolio includes but not limited to:

  • Training – all levels of the organization & all audiences
  • Corporate Diversity Strategy Development
  • Building and Managing Councils & Teams
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Mentoring Programs & Process
  • Specialty Training: Millennials, etc.
  • Coaching / Executive Coaching
  • Specific Focus Areas – Race, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, People with Disabilities, Culture/Ethnicity
  • Legal Challenges and Lawsuit Recovery
  • Ombudsman Strategy & Development
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Interventions – team, departmental, organization-wide
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation Training & Development
  • Corporate Diversity Staff / Leader Development
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Policy Reform & Development


Globalization, technology, and access have opened the gates to ‘anything is possible’ and opportunities are bountiful and endless around the world. Organizations embracing these opportunities to expand their business portfolios may find that their staff may not be quite ready for these daunting challenges of managing and leading globally – especially in regions unfamiliar and cultures lesser known. Global Collaborations, Inc. can assist you in identifying your needs for management and leadership development, and implement strategies for long-term success.

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