Corporate Social Responsibility

csr1We are focused on these core strategic areas within Corporate Social Responsibility – Stakeholder Engagement and Management, Risk Management, Community Development and Social Investment, Human Rights and Security, Local Content, Education and Training, Biodiversity and Environment – specifically as part of the operational strategy for companies working locally or internationally.  Our team of experts strive to deliver visionary solutions to your growing needs, issues, concerns while keeping activities aligned with your impacts and risk management portfolio.

Our firm has integrated the use of technology to increase productivity and the performance of routine workflow activities. Whether you need a space to collaborate easily and effectively with global managers and employees, communities of stakeholders (internal or external), a new way to better manage grievances and issues or you simply know that some of your operational activities, such as record keeping, data retrieval or relationships, can and should run better, our team can help you with innovative solutions.

The Global Collaborationsteam and its partners look forward to working with you on your most pressing needs. Whether those needs are local, regional or global, we can quickly assess your concerns and challenges and help you secure better, faster ways to achieve high impact results through our consulting services, customized training and development approaches, and design and implementation of technology infrastructure for daily collaboration and workflow activities.

We currently have two core focus areas for Corporate Social Responsibility within the energy sector, Access Kurdistan and Access Eagle Ford.  Each subsidiary focuses on bringing together core stakeholder groups – Communities, Government and Oil and Gas Industry to deliver sustainable stakeholder value – our C-Value system.  Even though core stakeholder groups may set out have differing priorities and objectives, bridging these gains greater collaboration, increases knowledge sharing, and leads to long-term sustainable value benefiting all parties involved.

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Engaging in community investment efforts can promote local development and benefit local stakeholders where a company’s operations may have a potential impact. Community investment can assist in building mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships that contribute to sustainable long-term improvements for quality of life. However, looming challenges exist if proper planning and strategic ties to the business and its operational goals of endeavors are haphazardly applied despite the time, goodwill and resources invested. Let our team help you build processes and systems that shape strategic community investment programs and projects that get results and create sustainable long term investment – for the company and community.

The provision of labor, goods and services by the local communities where companies operate is termed local content. It can include vendors, suppliers, contract labor, local workforces, and institutional capacity building which all can contribute to economic development at the local level. Maintaining your ‘social license to operate’ should include hiring local talent and sourcing of local goods and services generating goodwill among communities. If you are unsure of where to start or need new ideas infused in your current strategy, our team can assist you in your endeavors locally while bridging information and initiatives to your global strategy.
Endeavors in the areas of environmental stewardship and biodiversity are important to maintaining your ‘social license to operate’, and the first step is ensuring environmental impact assessments are conducted. Without these essential assessments, you could be missing valuable inputs, which are a key part of implementing the management of natural resources. Ensuring stakeholders are engaged, impacts assessed and mitigation plans are put in place are key strategic items our global teams can assist you with wherever you may operate. We can even help you identify local partners for your project by asking the right questions and getting you connected.
Developing unique education and training programs at the local level where you operate can be an exciting adventure all while helping local participants sharpen or gain new skills that can assist them in seeking better opportunities. Education and training programs designed around the uniqueness of the location and the people in the area can be challenging if you do not know where to begin. Our team has created some exciting programs and projects around the world and can assist you developing meaningful and sustainable programs where you operate. We can even help you source your local and national partners who can assist with local knowledge conducive for success and implementation of your chosen programs or projects.

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