Social Good & Philanthropy

Social Good & Philanthropy

As companies increasingly become more focused on their philanthropic and community giving campaigns, it is more important than ever to assess where and who you target, how effective is your giving, and what is the reputation-value added elements that propel your brand identity forward. Regardless of whether you are selling a consumer product or not, your company’s reputation is still important to your social license to operate, recruiting top talent, attracting top suppliers and vendors, and to the investment community.

Our team is focused on delivering:
• Philanthropic Strategy Development & Assessments
• Community Investment Strategies
• Effective Solutions for Social Good Campaigns and Initiatives


Businesses involved in corporate sustainability and social responsibility have an opportunity to expand their reach through social good by expanding their business models to include more ‘social goods’ in their operations and strategic plans.

Classic examples of social goods are clean air, clean water, literacy – something that is shared and benefits the largest number of people or all of the members of a given region or community. Targeting and focusing your efforts by tying it neatly to your corporate values and mission of your company can yield tremendous benefits and keep your employees engaged and excited about what you do in your local, regional and global space.

In addition, our qualified team members are experts in enhancing your brand and increasing your exposure to target markets – whether that is recruiting and talent acquisition or new market entries or focused campaigns for a specific cause. Their collective talent includes:
• Brand Marketing and Targeted Campaigns
• Public Relations and Storytelling
• Reputation Enhancement or Rebranding
• Online and Digital Enhancements to Websites, Social Media, etc.

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