Strategic Knowledge Areas

Strategic Knowledge Areas

Global Collaborations Inc., along with its partners, delivers visionary solutions through our strategic knowledge areas.  We focus on assessment and measurement of both risks within an organization and impacts on communities where corporations do business.  We then design and implement plans that foster people and manage the social, economic and environmental factors, resulting in positive effects on productivity, performance and your bottom line.  Our technology-based applications bring powerful functionality, which will enable you to quickly design, implement and customize workflows and thus accelerate collaboration between team members across the company and its external stakeholders.

Global Collaborations Inc. is the founding corporate general partner of Access Eagle Ford, LLC. and Access Kurdistan, LLC. and supports core activities for economic and social solutions, providing a powerful collaboration model for the oil and gas industry and its massive stakeholder base.  The firm’s strength lies in its ability to efficiently manage issues and opportunities, provide an action-oriented presence and produce concrete results.  Our win-win approach to solving problems and mitigating risks in collaboration with the various core stakeholder groups throughout the regions where concentrated areas of the industry are working have created benefits for all involved. By deploying the C-Value system, our collaboration model, we systematically build sustainable stakeholder value.

Global Collaborations Inc. also has extensive knowledge in managing global diversity and inclusion and working specifically with the Millennial generation.  Our companies, Global Diversity & Inclusion and Millennial Intelligence focus on building inclusive working environments, addressing productivity and performance issues, bridging global and cultural awareness among teams, and delivering exceptional training and development programs while assisting our clients in achieving their desired results and enhancing their workplace cultures.

The firm’s collective experience includes extensive global engagements and consulting services around the world along with new business ventures and market entries in countries such as United States, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway and Indonesia and countries in the Middle East including Libya, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

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