Suite Of Companies

Suite Of Companies

Today’s global work environment can be challenging yet exciting, as we shape new frontiers and build smarter technologies for tackling complex business problems. As this environment has expanded beyond once-defined borders, so have our desires to communicate, collaborate and engage in a timely and effective manner.

Global Collaborations, Inc. and its partners are ready to take on those challenges with you, from engaging stakeholders to identifying and managing risks; from enhancing corporate strategies for better results to connecting you to the global talent of the millennial generation.

We have integrated the use of technology through our company to improve workflow and increase productivity. Our team can help you with innovative solutions, whether it’s a space to collaborate easily and effectively with global managers and employees; communities of stakeholders (internal or external); new ways to better manage grievances; or improvement of operational activities, such as record keeping and data retrieval.

We’ve designed creative solutions that integrate with our company brands for more effective collaborating and engaging. We are branding separate companies to focus on specific niche markets such as our Access Kurdistan and Access Eagle Ford companies which are particularly focused in areas where oil and gas companies and service organizations are concentrated.

Our Millennial Intelligence® group focuses on the needs of the millennial generation through networks and engaging programs, training and development specifically designed for corporations who aspire to challenge their status quo and reinvent their organizational cultures, to social good campaigns that make a difference and add value in the United States as well as abroad.  Our thoughtful bloggers share great stories and information about careers, workplace challenges, stereotypes and information for managers and leaders that can assist in creating better working environments for all generations.  Our MI TALENT platform engages Millennials and all their talents by providing a services board complete with references and reviews of this talented generational group and their innovative startups and companies they have launched. Join us on this journey of education and awareness by engaging one of the largest generations since the baby boomers .

Whether your needs are local, regional or global, we can quickly assess your concerns and challenges and help you secure better, faster ways to achieve high impact results through our consulting and customized training, development approaches and design and implementation of technology infrastructure.

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