Global Diversity Inclusion

Successful global organizations have invested heavily in attracting, employing and retaining talent—the single most sustainable source of competitive advantage for any organization. With the war for talent in full swing, the links between business performance and good personnel management are apparent. Creating inclusive, diverse working environments that promote teaming, knowledge sharing and solid expectations for performance can be more challenging today than ever before.

Companies who put a concentrated effort into Managing Diversity & Inclusion in their workplace environments and who practice it at all levels of the organization will reap greater rewards in the global economy, from soaring profits to incremental increases in stock prices to increased creativity and innovation, among many other returns.

Our training & development courses are designed to create awareness, enhance knowledge and deliver tools to assist employees in their daily activities. Courses range in topic from understanding oneself to appreciating the various dimensions of diversity (such as race, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, age and ethnicity), personal preferences and cultural differences, organizational norms, rules and barriers, and productivity and performance-based expectations.

The sessions are engaging, thought-provoking and will provide a basis of new information and knowledge that course participants can utilize to make different choices or decisions after leaving the training room. There is no shame or blame approach to any of the diversity training conducted by Global Collaborations, Inc. facilitators.

Each course is designed both to stand-alone and be grouped in a series for a comprehensive training and development approach. Our courses are customized to the organization and fit for purpose.

Our training and development workshops can be specifically designed based upon the various levels of the organization. This targeted approach ensures maximum learning impacts are achieved.

  • Board level, executive and senior management
  • Supervisors and manager—frontline, field, corporate, manufacturing, unions
  • Employees at various professional levels including training specific to their roles/responsibilities
  • Contractors, sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers

In addition, specific strategic planning processes combined with your already existing initiatives or for those who are just getting started can include but not limited to: Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and Corporate Development

  • Short-term and long-term plans
  • Design and implementation of new strategies into existing practices
  • Evaluation and re-direction of current initiatives or re-energizing existing strategies

Designing & Implementing Diversity Councils and Diversity Teams

  • Executive level & senior management level
  • Employee level
  • Field or geographical region/global councils
  • Diversity council retreats and workshops for professional development

Designing & Implementing Specialty Internal Networking Groups, Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Teams

  • Women
  • African Americans, Asians, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Easterners, Europeans, Australians, South Americans, Canadians, etc.
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT)
  • People With Disabilities
  • Young Professionals
  • Discipline-specific: Sales & Marketing, Researchers, Engineering, Geoscience, Technical, Tax, Accounting, Procurement And Legal, just to name a few coordinating groups
    • Other types of collective organizations deemed appropriate

Develop and Train In-House Staff, Human Resource Personnel, Ombudsman, Ethics & Integrity Personnel

  • Various functions and roles/responsibilities as leaders in diversity management/cultural management
  • Train-the-trainer programs for various impact or specialty courses
  • Facilitator training and development
  • Professional development working sessions

Specialty Sessions for Impact

  • Executive and senior level training/development, new initiative implementation, revamping old initiatives
  • Global workforce leadership workshops, sessions or on-line discussions
  • Generational differences, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion in the workplace, culture, people with disabilities, understanding race & ethnicities around the world

Assessment and Identification of Teams/Departments in Crisis

  • Interventions, conflict resolution
  • Turning unproductive, toxic working teams/departments into high functioning, respectful and performing teams

Personality Assessments for better Teaming and Productivity

  • May be conducted in groups, teams or departmental-wide
  • May be integrated into supervisory, management and leadership training and development programs – including mentoring and coaching

As diversity and inclusion continues to gain momentum, accelerated by pressures from society, and business, as well as the increase in legal developments designed to protect people from discrimination, it brings with it not only heightened awareness but also frustration, confusion and resistance. How does a company balance all of the elements that recognizing individuality and celebrating differences brings to an already increasingly complex global business environment?

The answer may not be simple. However, there are key areas of focus, which an organization can concentrate its efforts in developing a diverse, inclusive and team-based working environment where employees thrive and create value for the business and its bottom line. And, the company may see small victories on the war for talent while watching performance and productivity soar.


Motivating, focusing and encouraging your global team is essential to achieving annual goals and corporate targets. Ensuring your team members are well equipped to handle their global challenges, our team works to identify your team’s development needs and build processes and systems to help them achieve greater success.
With the growing millennial generation coming of age and entering the workforce, challenges arise between long standing corporate customs and traditions including order and hierarchy that may require organizational culture adjustments that make room for all generations to succeed. Our team can identify those conflicting views and ideals and help you build an inclusive workforce that is challenging and productive.
Working across time zones, adapting to various cultures and collaborating effectively for achieving goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner. Helping employees and managers adjust styles in how they are engaging, learning and acclimating for better overall team performance.
Managing a global workforce has its challenges. Developing inclusion strategies that work specifically for you and your team is essential – as no two teams or working environments are alike. Working together to achieve a more productive team where everyone feels included and given equal opportunity to participate and contribute their best to the teams goals.
Our team is skilled in diversity management and inclusion principles, strategies and management practices that achieve desired results. Our collaborative technology systems enhance the overall learning and development environment by providing guidance, coaching and counseling even when not in the training room.

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