Our Technology Platform features some of the brightest collaborations in the marketplace today with global reach and ultimate performance. We provide private and secure environments, privately-owned and managed, and promise that your personal privacy will not be compromised or sold to third party operators.

The Dashboard keeps you and your stakeholders informed and engaged by sharing information, data, concepts, ideas and essential space for active collaboration allowing both internal and external stakeholders to enjoy one common environment…

Applications are designed around specific work flow activities building consistency, efficiency and more effective way to collaborate when in the field and away from your connectivity points…

Building technology solutions for better collaboration and engagement while keeping track of the important focus areas such as Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Grievance Mechanisms, Social Investment, Community Development and Social and Environmental Impact data…


• Providing a comprehensive understanding of business process with deep industry knowledge and implementation capabilities to provide a portfolio or suite of services that can stand alone or work interrelated
• Working closely with our clients to provide advanced analytics, tools, data visualizers, customized workflows, custom applications – even for mobile use
• Offering considerable opportunities for customizing and build-for-purpose solutions that serve technical, business or data management and governance functions in simple, user-friendly formats with integrated functionality
• Extending applications to the cloud as a more cost effective way to manage, we can maintain and support a hosted environment for our clients
• Customizing training and tools to cater specifically to our clients needs for proficiency in our technologies is paramount to success.

Strategic Business Solutions and Technology Applications in the following areas:

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Management
  • Grievance Mechanism
  • Socio-Economic and Environmental Database Management (Public/Private)
  • Issues Tracking & Emerging Trends
  • Management Systems
  • Executive Dashboard Portfolio Management
  • Media Monitoring & Database Archiving Systems
  • Social Investment & Community Engagement Activities Capture/Reporting
  • Philanthropic Spend & Analysis
  • HSE Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting Systems
  • Security Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting Systems
  • Local Content (Workforce Integration, Sourcing Goods/Services) Systems Management
  • Heat Maps, Graphical Representation/Reporting, and Customized Graphics/Design
  • Others as requested and specific to a business function or discipline
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